Private lessons for children

”I want private (individual) support."

“I want them to study in a curriculum designed for children."

“I want them to keep their motivation high.”

“I want flexible study hours."

If this is your concern, why don't you let your child learn Japanese through TCJ's "Private Lessons for Children"?

What are private lessons for children?

These lessons are taught by professional Japanese teachers who are experts in children's education, and were developed by TCJ to provide careful and personalized instruction to children.

Features of private lessons for children

① Learn Japanese quickly, correctly, and thoughtfully.

We teach grammar, vocabulary, conversation, etc. so that your child can use Japanese properly. We will also flexibly adjust the curriculum and pace of study according to your child's Japanese level.

② Fully private support

Lessons are completely private. Please specify a time that is convenient for both the child and the parent. A professional Japanese teacher will be present throughout the class time.

③ Flexible learning
You will arrange with the teacher according to your preferred schedule.

Whether weekday evenings or weekends, please contact us to consult with us about a time that best fits your schedule. You can also choose online classes to make even better use of your time.


The program is open to all children who need to learn Japanese, regardless of their current Japanese language ability.

You are also eligible to take the course even if you reside outside of Japan.
Lesson Style Entrance fee Tuition Total
Online lesson ¥22,000 ¥535,680 ¥557,680
Dispatch lesson ¥22,000 ¥535,680 ¥557,680
Face to face lesson (at school) ¥22,000 ¥593,280 ¥615,280
※Above prices are for 72 hours (3 hours per week).
※Fees include a 10% tax.
※Tuition includes equipment and facility fees.
※Additional materials fee is required.
※Tuition fees must be paid in advance.
※Tuition can be paid in installments. Please contact us for details.

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