Recommended foods for autumn in Japan

There are so many delicious fruits to eat in Japan in the fall!
You can even go fruit picking, so fully enjoy the Japanese autumn.
I would like to introduce some of the most popular autumn fruits, which include the following

The season for grapes varies depending on the variety, and grapes can be harvested from around July to November at the earliest. There are many varieties of grapes that are easy to eat, such as seedless grapes and those that can be eaten with their skins, making them a popular fruit. Among the grapes, I recommend the Shine Muscat. Each grape is large, sweet, and seedless, and it is very tasty. The price is a little high, but please try them as a reward for your hard work.
Persimmons, which are in season from September to December, are especially popular in October, and are representative of the taste of autumn. Persimmons are rich in vitamin C, which helps improve immunity, beautiful skin, the intestinal environment, and prevents hangovers. When storing persimmons, put them in a plastic bag and keep them in the refrigerator for about a week.
Rich in protein and vitamins, chestnuts are full of nutrition. You can boil them, cut them in half, and eat them with a spoon, or making chestnut rice is good as well. If you wrap them in newspaper and store them at room temperature, they will keep for about a week. If you dry them in the sun to remove the moisture, wrap them in newspaper and store them in a plastic bag and refrigerate them, they will keep for about three months.
Pears are harvested from July at the earliest to November at the latest. If you go to the supermarket, you can find many varieties of pears. There are also juices and ice creams, which are fresh and very tasty. There are three types of pears: Western pears, Chinese pears, and Japanese pears, and Japanese pears are grown in Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Fukushima, and Tottori. If you wrap each pear in newspaper or plastic wrap, put it in a zipper bag, seal it, and refrigerate it with the stems facing down, it will keep for about a week.
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