SDGs Initiative

TCJ supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. TCJ also contributes to solve environmental, social, and economic (ESG) sustainability issues through its education business.
4, TCJ's mission is to provide "life-changing opportunities" to people around the world through Japanese language education. We continue to develop educational services that meet the various needs of Japanese language learners. We are also using technology to deliver high-quality Japanese language education to people around the world.
5, TCJ respects and confronts the diversity of students, and employees. with the philosophy of Proud ally, TCJ aims to achieve gender equality through being a Japanese language school that is open to everyone.

8, TCJ supports the opportunities for all people to advance in society and work beyond national borders through Japanese language education. TCJ also supports the achievement of decent work by increasing the value-added of human capital through Japanese language education.
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