September is the world’s entrance season! Why is it April in Japan?

September is the school entrance season in most countries.
But why does Japan start in April, unlike other countries?
Let's take a look at the history of Japan!
~The history of Japan's entrance season~
①Edo Period
Terakoya, private cram schools, and clan schools allowed students to enter at any time.
In the old days, not only adults but also children were important workers. There is no set time for enrollment.
②Meiji Era
With the introduction of Western education in the Meiji Restoration, September enrollment became the mainstream for higher education.
However, when the national fiscal year was changed to "April-March" in 1886, the Ministry of Education (at that time) instructed that higher normal schools should start in April.
In accordance with the national fiscal year of April, the school year started in April.

It seems that since the Meiji era, the school year has been aligned with the national fiscal year.
What about other countries? In some countries, the entrance season does not start in September like in Japan.
Did you know that?

■Countries and regions where entrance season is in September
America, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.
■Countries whose entrance season is not in September
(around January)Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
(March)Argentina, South Korea
(April to July, varying by region) India
(October)Cambodia, Senegal, Nigeria

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to prepare for studying abroad and blank out if the entrance and graduation times are different.
It would be easier to accept students from abroad and vice versa if Japanese schools had the same fall enrollment as overseas schools.
In 2015, the University of Tokyo was also considering the introduction of an autumn entrance system.

However, it seems to be tough because the timing of the Japanese culture "job hunting" is also considered based on students graduating in spring.
However, recently, due to the influence of Corona, the work schedule is becoming more flexible, and I think it would be a good opportunity to make the school entrance period more flexible as well, instead of following the "job hunting" period.

So, welcome to the new school year in September!
I hope you all have a wonderful school life.
& DM