Table manners at sushi restaurants②food edition

Sushi is one of Japan's most popular dishes. It is loved all over the world.
Today we will introduce the etiquette of eating sushi.
If you have never been to Japan or are already in Japan, but have never been to a sushi restaurant, use this article as a guide to enjoy sushi while paying attention to the table manners.

1.Sushi can be eaten with hands or chopsticks.

In the Edo period, it was common to eat sushi with your hands. Over time, it has become much less usual to see people eating this way. Some women find it more aesthetically pleasing to eat with chopsticks. Either is fine, but try to eat in one bite.

2.The order of eating is to start with the lightest and gradually move on to the fattier toppings.

Example: White fishes such as sea bream and flounder→Red fishes such as lean tuna and tuna belly→bluish sheen fishes such as horse mackerel and gizzard shad→squid and shrimp→shellfishes and fish roe→sea urchin and sea eel→sushi rolls

※There is no need to be too particular about the order. I think it is best for each person to freely eat what he or she wants to eat.

3.Be careful how you dip the soy sauce.

・For Nigiri (seized rice with sliced fresh fish), turn the sushi on its side and dip the topping in soy sauce.
・For Gunkan (“boat-shaped”, rice wrapped in a tall strip of seaweed filled with topping), the topping tends to fall off when laid on its side. Put some soy sauce on the gari (pickled ginger) and drizzle a little on top of the topping.

④Gari (pickled ginger)
Gari plays an important role in refreshing the palate after a strong flavored or fatty fish. By refreshing your palate, you will be able to enjoy the flavor of the next topping.

Was it helpful?
Maybe be a little aware of the order in which you eat and enjoy your sushi.

& DM