Introducing TCJ’s events 【part1】

Hello! Today I would like to introduce you to some of the events at TCJ.
TCJ holds a lot of events throughout the year. By participating in these events, we can interact with students from other classes, teachers, and people from outside of the school.

Every year, TCJ holds an exchange event with a Japanese junior high school.
The students who participate in the exchange event prepare their presentations in advance to introduce their own countries.
Some students even wear traditional costumes on the day of the event. It was very nerve-wracking to give a presentation in Japanese in front of a large audience of junior high school students, but everyone did a very good job of introducing their countries, and the junior high school students asked many questions.
In addition to the introduction of the students' home countries, the junior high school students also introduce Japanese culture, Japanese sports, music, and traditional games to the students.

During break time, the students enjoy talking in the hallway, playing soccer together in the schoolyard, and eating school lunch with the Japanese students.

Here are some of the thank-you letters we received from the students after the exchange.
・Thank you very much for introducing us to the food and clothes of your countries the other day.  
I want to go to these countries someday.

・Everyone speaks very good Japanese and I couldn't think you are from other countries.

・Thank you very much for showing us the charms of various countries that we could not understand just by researching on our own.
It is not easy to come into contact with Japanese junior high school students in your daily life as an international student, but by participating in events like this, you can further deepen your understanding of Japan.
Although there are some restrictions on events due to COVID-19, we will try to make events that everyone can enjoy.

We will continue to introduce other TCJ events in the series!
& DM