TCJ Online Class Opening Ceremony for July 2021

The opening ceremony for TCJ's July 2021 online class was held on July 5, 2021,!

The opening ceremony consisted of the following activities:
(1) Opening speech → (2) Greetings from the Director → (3) Greetings from a representative of the teachers → (4) Introduction of faculty and staff → (5) Introduction of the school → (6) Greetings from a representative of the staff → (7) Closing speech

The opening ceremony for the online class was held on the web using Zoom, so there was no face-to-face interaction as in a regular opening ceremony, but because it was held on the web, there were many things that could be conveyed to the participants of the opening ceremony.

①Messages from the President, Teachers, and Staff Representatives
The President gave a message to the students.
"Please start studying Japanese in your own country first so that you can have a fulfilling life after coming to Japan. I will see you again in Japan, waiting for you!"
A representative of the school's teachers told the students,
"We have wonderful teachers at TCJ. Our teachers at TCJ will do our best to support you to make your dreams and hopes come true."
The representative of the school staff told the students,
"If you study hard, your Japanese language skills will surely improve. In our long experience, we have seen that students who never stop learning and work hard can achieve their desired future."
②Message and Heart from the Staff
Each department of the school staff made a video message to the students. The staff of the student affairs department wanted to convey their welcome to the students, so they made use of Zoom's gallery view to hold hands and create a big heart on the screen.
③Introduction of the area around the school and inside the school
In order to show the students who could not come to Japan right away the scenery around the school and the inside of the school, the school staff took a video beforehand and edited it. 10 minutes of video was enough to introduce the surroundings and the inside of the school at once. One of the students watching the video on Zoom commented, "I want to try the ramen noodles from the ramen shop near the school!"

Classes start the day after the opening ceremony!
We hope everyone will do their best to study Japanese!
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