TCJ students appear in well-known media!

Recently, to our great pleasure, TCJ's current students have been interviewed by some of Japan's most famous media outlets!

In August, Abema TV aired a program on GENERATIONS High School TV by the popular group EXILE GENERATIONS.
In the program, foreign students who did not know much about the group were interviewed about their impressions of the members, showing only their faces!
They gave humorous answers in good Japanese, and the members laughed a lot.

The second program was the TV Tokyo program "You are in Japan", which is well known not only among Japanese people but also among foreigners.
This time, among the many current students, Kumari from India was interviewed!
She introduced some of the foods from her home country, which must have made the viewers want to try them!

#generationshighschooltv #GENE
Some of the current students at TCJ were interviewed on the show!
Everyone had humorous comments and everyone at #generations laughed!
And their Japanese was very good ✨.
If you are a foreigner who wants to study Japanese, let's study together at TCJ 😊♪

#abematv to watch the show!
Search for #顔だけイメージランキング #外国人編 ✅.

Youは何しに日本へ(What are you doing in Japan) [TCJ students appear on TV]✨!
9/5(Mon) 18:25- Ms. Kumari appeared on the show!
She introduced her mother country's Indian cuisine 🌟.
Panipuri, actually I've had it before!
It tasted very special but delicious😊.

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