💗💛💚TCJ Teacher Introduction- Part 1: Interview with Ms. Saito

- Can you describe TCJ's charms in one sentence?
The attraction of TCJ is that you can study together and inspire students to study hard and full of energy.

- Why do you think that?
Because every day, I see in them their own goals, "Want to go to graduate school!", "Want to work in Japan!", Looking at their daily efforts, I tell myself to work hard with them.

- Which class are you in charge of and how are the students' Japanese? What types of students are there?
Master, Japanese language level is about N2. There are a lot of students from China, and they are doing their best every day to practice improving their Japanese language skills, writing research plans, and practicing interviews for their master's entrance exams.

- What do you value in communicating with students?
Since there are many students studying abroad with anxiety about being alone, we attach great importance to casual conversations, pay attention to student expressions during class and take advantage of the chat break. confide in students to reduce anxiety and help them have a happy and fulfilled overseas life.

- Do you have a message for the students?
At TCJ, we will do our best to help you achieve your goals! You will definitely enjoy a full study abroad life! Let's have fun learning Japanese together! ^^
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