TCJ’s New Year’s Hatsumode event on January 4, 2022

Every New Year, we visit Meiji Jingu Shrine with our students to wish them a good year.
Do you have a similar culture of New Year's visit in your country?

When visiting the shrine, many students may have the following wishes.
・Wish to improve my Japanese language skills.
・Wish to be able to enter the target school.
・Wish to find a lover.
・Wish to make some Japanese friends.
・Wish to live a healthy life for the year.
In Japan, there are rules for visiting shrines.
Do you know the correct rules for visiting shrines?
<Rules for visiting a shrine>
①Donate the money
②Ring the bell
③2 bows
④Two claps of hands
⑤Make a wish
⑥1 bow

Did you know that there are different ways of praying at temples and shrines?
<Rules for visiting temples>
①1 bow
②Donate the money
③Clap your hands together (clap your hands together in front of your chest)
④Make a wish
⑥1 bow
25 students came for this year's New Year's worship event!

We gathered at the school at 9:50 a.m. and divided into small groups to introduce ourselves.
Students from many different nationalities gathered together, and everyone felt a little nervous at first, but we became friends during the self-introductions :)
Now, let's get on the train and go to Meiji Jingu Shrine!
Arrived at Meiji Jingu Shrine! We took some photos at the gate.
From here, we will split into groups to explore around.
Don't get lost, everyone! (`・ω・´)ゞ
The middle road is where the “gods” walk, so we'll walk the left side of the road.
There are so many people coming to worship, it's not easy to move forward ......
Finally, we arrived at the place of worship!
Let's get started!
We bought amulet and ended our day.
May this year be a good one for everyone!
& DM