TCJ’s Pre-enrollment interview for study abroad in a Japanese school

TCJ's Pre-enrollment interview

Hello, everyone.
Thank you for your interest in studying at TCJ!

At TCJ, we interview all applicants for study abroad.
TCJ will interview each applicant when they apply to study at TCJ, either when the recruiter for that country/region visits them on site or online, basically one-on-one.
During the interview, we mainly ask the following questions.

1, Why do you want to study abroad? What are your goals for the future? 
2, How well are you studying Japanese at the moment?
3, Why did you choose TCJ?

Based on that, we' d like to give you some tips on what you should do to prepare for your goals and what you should do to make them come true.
We will also give you a time schedule from before to after your arrival in Japan, and start supporting you at the time of your interview. We will also tell you the rules of TCJ and what we expect you to abide by, so pay attention and listen up!

For example, if you want to enter a graduate school in Japan, do you have a specific major in mind, and does it match or relate to what you have studied in your undergraduate course? These points have a great deal to do with whether or not you will be able to go on to graduate school successfully in the future, so we will check that for you.

In order to enter a Japanese university, you need to take a standardized test called EJU.
We will also tell you what subjects you need to prepare for.
Of course, if you have any questions about exams, life in Japan, or anything else, please feel free to ask.
We look forward to your application to TCJ, we'll be waiting!

& DM