TCJ’s trial lessons

TCJ will launch new trial lessons from July 2021!
We would like to introduce to those of you
who have never been to Japan
who want to study abroad in Japan in the future
or who are already in Japan and want to study Japanese.

Trial lessons from July 2021
The 2nd and 4th Tuesday and Thursday, 20:00-20:30 or 20:30-21:00 in Japan time

① Real class experience (Online learning, using ZOOM )
・30-minutes classroom experience
・Available from beginner to advanced level (inform your Japanese level in advance)
・Each person can participate only once in principle.
・Please set the ZOOM name as [visitor] in advance.

②One to One Free Consultation Service (Only for those who wish)
・Practical information for further studies in Japan
  (Vocational schools, universities, graduate schools, etc)
・Student life at a language school (event activities, student dormitory, etc)
・Other topics of interest
※Attention: In some cases, One-to-One Free Consultation Service may be available at the next day or later on the day of trial lessons.

The charm of TCJ trial lessons
★Directly taught by professional Japanese teachers
★Class level covering all levels from beginners to advanced
★Experiencing not only written test preparation (JLPT / EJU, etc.) but also actual   conversation in Japanese

Trial lessons will be provided 4 times a month from July 2021.
Please check the application form below for the schedule.

We look forward to your participation!

Application link (English):
click here.
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