Tea Ceremony Event at TCJ -August 2022 –

In the days prior to the COVID pandemic, TCJ held a tea ceremony event for international students and Japanese learners to experience Japanese culture, which was very popular.

Last year, unfortunately, it was not possible due to restrictions of events and entry of international students, but this year we were able to hold the tea ceremony again since international students were allowed to enter.

TCJ offers not only Japanese lessons to Japanese learners, but also training courses to become a Japanese teacher.

This time, two students from the Japanese teacher training course with experience in tea ceremony were invited as instructors to give the students a hands-on tea ceremony experience.
Many students who had just arrived in Japan in July participated in the event, and they were very interested and enjoyed their first tea ceremony experience.

Making a sound when taking the last sip is called "Suikiri", a way of slurping. This is a manner of expressing gratitude to the host.
One student said, "In my country, it is embarrassing because it is considered rude to make a noise."

Many students told us that they had had matcha tea on trips to Kyoto and other places, but this was the first time for them to have it prepared in front of them.
TCJ will continue to hold events in the future to provide not only Japanese lessons, but also opportunities for Japanese learners to experience Japanese culture.

We hope for students of the teacher training course and international students to have more opportunities to interact with each other through events such as this.
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