The Japanese Coming-of-Age Day

・The Coming-of-Age Day of 2022
 This year's Coming-of-Age Day was celebrated in various parts of Japan On January 10 . There are 1.2 million young people who have reached the age of 20 across the country, ushering in one of the most important festivals of their lives.
 The number of new adults this year is 40,000 fewer than last year, the lowest on record, according to demographic projections from Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among them, 610000 were males and 590000 were females.
・Coming-of-Age Day and the ceremony
 Japanese civil law stipulates that people who have reached the age of 20 are adults and have the right to vote and stand for election. In adulthood, the law will allow adults to smoke and drink and to have a driving license. Without parental consent, you can own a credit card and apply for a financial loan. At the same time, if there is a crime, it will also be punished according to the standards of adults.
 Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies in Japan are generally hosted by local governments. On this day, new adults usually wear traditional costumes, worship at the shrine, thank the gods and ancestors for their protection, and ask to continue to "take care of them." This is one of the very important traditional festivals in Japan.
 From this day on, new adult must live independently and shoulder social responsibilities and obligations in the future.
・Coming-of-age-ceremony and long-sleeved kimono
 Many girls wear the long-sleeved kimono which is called Furisode, on the Coming-of-Age Day.
 "swing" and "sleeve", which got its name because of the shaking of long sleeves, began in the Edo period and are considered to be the formal clothes of unmarried women. And it can be worn on all kinds of "cheerful times" or "celebrating times".

 Almost all of the men take part in the ceremony with suits. However ,In recent years, they have paid a lot of attention to decorated coat skirts, and the number of users is also increasing.
・The commemoration of new adults
 Greeting adults is an important point in life, which is considered to be a very gratifying thing. As a result, many young adults wear souvenirs and take pictures. SNS is full of Coming-of-age-ceremony photos on this day, . In addition, many new adults also choose to drink to celebrate.

 The Coming-of-age-Day is considered to be a day to celebrate new adults and to express their gratitude to their parents again. The parents, relatives and friends of these new adults will congratulate them and give them gifts on this day, , while the new adults will also express their gratitude and announce their plans and ideals for the future.
Besides Japan, are there any other events to celebrate coming of age in other countries?

Let me know what events celebrate adulthood in your country!
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