Tokyo 2020 Olympics ~Blue Impulse flight demonstration ~

After being postponed for a year due to coronavirus, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the first summer Olympics to be held in 57 years, were held for 17 days from July 23 to August 8.

The Paralympic Games will be held this week from August 24 to September 5 for 13 days.

Due to the large spread of coronavirus, currently in a difficult situation all over the world.
Finally the Olympic Games were able to be held, and the Japanese people received a lot of courage and hope from the athletes.
The number of medals won this time was 58 medals in total, and also the largest ever.

Among them, Judo, a sport that originated in Japan, won a total of 9 gold medals.

The two most memorable judo winners for me were Hihumi Abe and Uta Abe,brothers and sisters who both won gold medals on the same day.
It was very moving to see the interview when the younger sister, Uta Abe, grabbed the gold medal first and cheered for her brother afterwards.

Her interview after winning the gold medal , she said,
"I've been training hard every day for the past four years only aiming for this game, and I'm glad that my efforts have finally been rewarded."

Seeing these athletes fighting for their dreams at the Olympics was inspiring for us, and we will continue to do our best to support students who are studying Japanese to make their dreams come true.
Since TCJ is located right in front of Shinanomachi Station, the National Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were held, is within walking distance.

On the day of the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games on August 24, the Blue Impulse flying the Paralympic symbol red, blue, and green lines could be seen from the rooftop of TCJ.
We were able to feel the excitement of the Olympic Games being held up close.
The spread of coronavirus will continue to cause severe conditions worldwide.
TCJ will continue to make every effort to provide safe and secure lessons.

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