Wagashi (Japanese sweets)

Hello! How are you handling the hot summer days in Japan? You may look for museums, aquariums and cool indoor places. Today, I will introduce Japanese sweets which I experienced this summer.

Wagashi is a very tasty and beautiful Japanese confectionery.
Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets usually served with tea. “Wa" stands for Japanese and "gashi" means confectionery. They say they are not only delicious, but also symbolize the culture and spirit of Japan. Looking at the shape of wagashi, they are admirable as a work of art rather than food. And wagashi is also a way for Japanese people to show their pride in nature and the seasons.
I remember watching the movie "Asuka Bakery". The baker uses only simple tools such as scissors, chopsticks, wooden sticks which amazed me.

Making wagashi for someone else may be a personal hobby, but for those who love to cook, it is a very enjoyable experience, including the worries about whether the confectionery meets your expectations, a temptation to stop because of the time and effort involved, and then also the joy of finishing confectionery is more beautiful than expected.
In Tokyo, if you search for the keyword "wagashi experience”, you will find wagashi courses for about 1 to 2 hours between 2,000 and 3,000 Yen. This is a great experience if you are in Japan.
What about you? Have you ever wanted to live or work in Japan? Especially for students who just graduated from high school, do you want to go to a Japanese university? Each person will make different decisions, and I wish you success with each choice.
If there are any other Japanese cultures you want to share, please let us know! See you next time. (HK)
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