TCJ’s signature private lessons cater to diplomats’ needs

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School offers one-on-one high-quality private lessons that can be tailored to your “own needs”.

This lesson is especially for those work at embassies and consulates, those who live in Japan as expatriates, or their spouses. As TCJ’s private lessons enables them to acquire Japanese proficiency efficiently and in a short period of time, they choose private lessons without a doubt.

In our private lessons, curriculum can be made to acquire high Japanese language skills in presentation. Presentation contents can be also customized by industry they engage in.
Of course, we also provide private lessons using “Minna no Nihongo” which is the best known textbook to learn fundamental Japanese.
Some students improve their Japanese proficiency in a very short period of time in order to get further careers, or pursue their studies in higher education.

TCJ's professional teachers work together with you as a member of your team to achieve your goals.

If you already have a specific purpose or goal, or if you want to improve your Japanese proficiency significantly in a short period of time efficiently, please feel free to contact us.

[Target person]
TCJ's private lessons are available to those who have a work visa, permanent residence, spouse visa (those who do not need a student visa), and those who wish to take the lessons completely online from outside Japan.

In this article, we will introduce the main features of TCJ's Private Lessons.

TCJ's Private Lesson Features 1

We create a special curriculum for you

TCJ's experienced teachers will create a curriculum that fits learners perfectly based on the purpose and level (counseling with a teacher and building an original curriculum before commencement of the course).

TCJ's Private Lesson Features 2

Hybrid lessons

TCJ’s classes are available online as well as at school, which we call “Hybrid lessons”.
Students can choose either attending class online or at school and even switch the method every single time of class depending on their schedule. For example, attending online today and at school next week.

TCJ's Private Lesson Features 3

Focus on learner’s weaknesses

In TCJ's Private Lessons, since teachers are ready only for you, they can thoroughly identify your weaknesses from various angles and improve them intensively and in a short period of time.

TCJ's Private Lesson Features 4

Create a flexible schedule that suits you

It is possible to create flexible schedule plans, for example,
8.00-9.30pm on Wed., Thu., and Fri. or
7.00-9.00pm on Wed. and 6.00-8.00pm on Sat.
It is perfect especially for working professionals using their spare time to study efficiently.

TCJ's Private Lesson Features 5

Ask as many as questions you have

When a question or unclear point arises, it is very important to "solve it immediately" in terms of learning point of view. In TCJ's Private Lessons, if you have any questions during class, you can immediately ask your teacher and solve them right away.

Let' Get Started!

Email us or contact us from Inquiry form
②Free Counselling Session
Please tell our professional advisor your desired learning method, questions, goals you want to set.(English and Chinese Available, too). Based on your requests, we create a special plan and curriculum .

③ Pick up the best teacher for your plan / curriculum
④ 1 hour counseling with the teacher
⑤ Make your mind!
⑥ Application / payment
⑦Get your textbooks (sample textbooks below)

⑧Start your lesson!

In the next article, we will introduce one of our students taking TCJ private lessons!
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