Why is Autumn the best time to climb mountains?

Why is Autumn the best time to climb mountains?

The sweltering summer heat has passed, and now the chilly breezes of autumn are upon us.
Japan is known as a country with four distinct and beautiful seasons, of which autumn is a favorite season for many, including myself.

Now, what might you do in the autumn season? Indulge in seasonal delicacies such as Oden and Sanma (mackerel)? Or admire the beauty of the autumn leaves?
While there are many ways to enjoy autumn in Japan, I present to you the most popular of them all (for me personally): mountain climbing.

I know some of you are thinking in your head, "Why mountain climbing, of all things?" but please hear me out.

Reason 1: Cool and comfortable temperature
Have you ever tried hiking in scorching heat, not to mention humidity? Spoiler alert, it's not a pleasant experience, lol. For those unaccustomed to the intense summer heat (namely me..), hiking mountains in the fall makes perfect sense.

Reason 2: Better scenery in late fall as the leaves fall off.
While the ever-green mountainsides are certainly beautiful, in late fall the leaves fall off the trees offering magnificent views of distant landscapes that could not be seen during the summer months.

Reason 3: 紅葉(Kouyou)
Leaves changing colors, red leaves, yellow leaves.. Whatever you call it, the mixture of fiery red leaves and lingering green leaves on the mountainside is breathtaking to say the least. Seeing is believing, do not miss the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

I hope I was able to convince some of you to start trekking this fall! I will now leave you with some of the recommended hiking spots in Kanto region (near Tokyo) :

Mount Takao

Mount Mitake

Mount Jinba
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