TCJ and TCJ students appeared on TV Tokyo’s “Why Did You Come To Japan?”!

TCJ and TCJ students appeared on TV Tokyo's "Why Did You Come To Japan?"!
TCJ student Erika was interviewed by TV Tokyo's "Why Did You Come To Japan?" TCJ student Erika was interviewed and her experience studying Japanese at TCJ was broadcasted!
Erika is currently studying Japanese hard at TCJ's 在日外国人向けクラスclass in order to achieve her goal of opening a fitness gym!

On the day of our interview, it was the day of the " Kobanashi Class," a class created by Y.T., a veteran Japanese teacher at TCJ, based on his long experience as a teacher.By dressing up in yukata and acting out a scene from a comic story, you can effectively learn not only the Japanese language, but also its inflections and the depth of Japanese culture!
The banana men laughed, but she did his best to act out the little story! (lol)

Then, they broadcasted about the beginning of her relationship with her very kind husband and their current married life, and we were able to see the bond between Erika and her husband that even our staff didn't know existed!
If you want to improve your Japanese in as short a time as possible to start a business or achieve your dreams in Japan, like Erika did, TCJ's professional Japanese classes and instructors can help!

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