★Japanese teacher★YouTuber★ 「あかね的日本語教室」Akane teacher will hold a school visit event at TCJ!

■Date and time
3/30 (Wednesday) 15: 00-17: 00 pm
①15:00~16:00 LIVE delivery within TCJ school
②16:00~17:00 antique book present event
①LIVE delivery:Anyone can participate.
②Antique present event:TCJ students・Graduates・Only for prospective students.
■Entry fee
LIVE delivery from school on YouTube!
While Akane teacher walks around the school, a quiz on how to read Chinese characters on bulletin boards,
Question corner for Japanese language school ... We look forward to your comments ♪
Akane teacher will give you a free 🎁 gift of your favorite antique book!
It's an opportunity to talk with our Akane teacher ~~~ (^^) /
TCJ students can come and participate in the school.

We look forward to your participation at LIVE or events 😊
There is also a TCJ introduction video when Akane teacher came to TCJ!
Because it conveys the atmosphere of what kind of school TCJ , Please check out the video.

TCJ regularly holds various events inside and outside the school.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, seasonal events and events that you can actually experience!
If you are a TCJ student, you can participate in many events, so please look forward to it.

What kind of event would you like to attend at TCJ?
What kind of event would you like to have?
We look forward to your comment.
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