Japanese Level at Admission / N5
Q. What are you currently doing? Please write as specific as possible.
I moved to Japan last year due to my husband’s job relocation. Without prior Japanese knowledge, brushing up my language skill has became a priority. On the other hand, I have also been doing some freelance work online to keep up with the current job market.
Q. What do you want to achieve in your future after studying Japanese at TCJ? Please write as specific as possible about your dreams and goals.
From a professional development perspective, I would like to work for an international marketing or public relation company. I have a food science background, with fluency in English and Chinese. Therefore, ideally I would like to leverage my language abilities to become the liaison among international businesses with emphasis on sustainability. From a personal perspective, with the knowledge of Japanese, I hope I will be able to get a more comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture. Of course, it will make everyday life in Tokyo much easier as well.

Q. What message would you like to give to students coming into TCJ?
For me, the most important thing to do during language learning is to set small and achievable goals. Once you reach a goal, celebrate it. Learning a new language is hard, and everyone moves at their own pace when it comes to language learning. Don’t compare with others or get discouraged by how much others are improving. As long as you are focusing on your own goals and executing the plan you made for yourself, you are on the right path to success. TCJ offered a number of classes to account for not just the difference in Japanese competency but also tailor to our diverse needs. The offering of online options allowed for increased flexibility to manage my days.
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