Japanese Level at Admission / N5
Q. What kind of career path did you take after graduating from TCJ? Also, please tell us the reason why you chose your career path.
After graduating from TCJ, I decided to study in the stylist department of MODE GAKUEN, a specialized art school.

I think Japanese style is very diverse and good at blending the East and the West. It's better than the same thing, but it's better at making use of its strengths and avoiding its weaknesses, exquisite in its simplicity and gorgeous in its simplicity.
Q. What are your goals and dreams for the future? Please be as specific as possible.
I don't have a very clear goal yet, but within my ability to choose what I love to do and learn what I love to learn is my biggest dream at the moment.
Q. Please give some advice to students who will join TCJ in the future and current students based on your experience.
TCJ has lesson plans that are easy to understand. The teachers are very enthusiastic and hardworking.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to expand your horizons as well as a stage to improve yourself, so please cherish your time abroad.
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