Japanese Level at Admission / N1
How long have you learned at TCJ?
more than 1 year
What are you currently doing? Please tell us as specifically as possible.
I am now a fifth grader in medical school. Currently I am doing clinical rotations at hospital with full japanese.
What have you been able to do through your studies at TCJ?
I learned alot by speaking practice with my classmates. We did a lot of zoom break where we discussed interesting topic regarding japanese culture, news, and our life as foreigners living in Japan. Teachers was really helpful and determined educators, we are provided not only explanations but also some slides to help us review what we did in class.
What are your future goals after studying Japanese at TCJ? Please tell us about your dreams and goals as concretely as possible.
My goals is to apply what I’ve learned so far into my daily life conversations and work as general. I hope I can do better in case presentation I often do in clinical rotations and making more connections with my colleagues and doctors.
Please give a message to future and current TCJ students.
Japanese might be a hard language to learn, by joining TCJ I learned that it could be fun to learn it with friends!
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