Japanese Level at Admission / N3
Q. What kind of career path did you take after graduating from TCJ? Also, please tell us the reason why you chose your career path.
I entered JAIST with a specialization in Advanced Science and Technology. The first reason why I wanted to enter this school was that the educational system that reorganizes and integrates many fields of science from the viewpoint of "knowledge creation" is very new. Moreover, there are many students from fields unrelated to arts and sciences, and I strongly hope that I can interact with people who have different experiences from mine and learn from each other both academically and personally. I studied electronics and automation and software engineering in college, and my graduate research was in developing software using web crawling techniques and Python. Especially in this school's and Professor Dam's research lab, learning to collect data while uncovering information that is clearly potentially valuable, etc., is an important ability for my own research.
Q. What are your goals and dreams for the future? Please be as specific as possible.
I would like to become a researcher who has mastered an international perspective through my experience of studying abroad in these years. To achieve this goal, I would like to become a PhD after my master's program and become active as a university teacher in the future, contributing to the academic world and large companies overseas. The theme of my current research is data mining and analysis of negative information based on SNS. Solving social problems that I am facing nowadays with scientific knowledge such as computers is the main purpose of my field of study. The course I am studying is about data mining, which requires a keen retrieval power of the latest information and the ability to analyze the value of the information obtained and play with it, and is the key to the success of the experiment. Now, by analyzing negative information on sns and extracting valuable information from human beings, I hope that the knowledge I learn in the future will provide my power to prevent the expansion of new viral infections.
Q. Please give some advice to students who will join TCJ in the future and current students based on your experience.
Choosing tcj is the best decision to come to Japan. In tcj, no matter what stage you are in, you can get effective conversation training opportunities according to your Japanese level. I also enjoyed my study life here. One of the teachers, Ms. Saito, is very funny and cute, and is my favorite teacher. In addition, I have a few suggestions for students who want to enter a graduate school in Japan. First of all, the exams for graduate schools in Japan are usually not as complicated as the exams for graduate schools in China, and many schools for science majors only require TOEIC and TOEFL scores in English, but at the school more importance is placed on the research proposal and the understanding of the major. Therefore, my suggestion is that in order to communicate with professors and read literature, it is necessary to acquire a certain level of Japanese language skills. One of the most effective ways to do this is to start by improving your speaking skills. First, put yourself in a Japanese environment and try to suppress your urge to speak your native language at first, and then gradually get used to using Japanese expressions in your daily life. In this way, you will improve your Japanese language skills in general.
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