Japanese Level at Admission / N5
Q.What kind of career path did you take after graduating from TCJ? Also, please tell us the reason why you chose your career path.
I have studied business administration at Musashino University. At first, I was interested in a university studying under the slogan "shaping the happiness of the world". I think that 4 years in college is not only important to prepare for graduation and get a desired job, but also to live happily in a long-term society. I chose the business department because I wanted to learn about the economy of Vietnam and Japan from an enterprise perspective to serve my future work.

Q.What are your goals and dreams for the future? Please be as specific as possible.
In the future, I want to work as a sales specialist at an affiliate company between Vietnam and Japan. When studying business administration, studying economics, psychology, world vision and meeting the needs of society is the most important thing. Currently, in the context of rapidly evolving globalization, foreign language communication skills are very important, so besides Japanese, I am learning English and Korean, in addition to studying at my university. want to cultural exchanges with students from other countries. I want not only to develop the ability to communicate but also to understand the culture and thinking of people from those countries.

Q.Please give some advice to students who will join TCJ in the future and current students based on your experience.
The homeroom teacher assisted me in all my next school-picking activities. First, you will choose the school you want to study and write down the reason why you want to choose the school. Then there will be interviews and tests. My homeroom teacher helped me to revise the reasons for my aspirations to choose schools many times and taught me things that I have not expressed well. It also helps me practice interviewing many times. As for learning Japanese, I think the hardest part is speaking without being mistaken. So don't be afraid of being wrong, at work or at school, try to practice a lot.

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