Sri Lanka
Japanese Level at Admission / N3
Q. What kind of career path did you take after graduating from TCJ? Also, please tell us the reason why you chose your career path.
When I was in Sri Lanka, I liked computers, so when I came to Japan, I thought that my future job would be IT. I studied Japanese for 1.5 year to enter an IT vocational school to realize my dream. After graduating from TCJ , I entered Azuma Technical College and have been studying network engineering for 2 years. I decided to work for a Japanese company after graduating from the vocational school in March-2021.
Q. What are your goals and dreams for the future? Please be as specific as possible.
I have been studying the basics of business software, systems, PYTHON and HTML for two years at a vocational school. Currently, I am mainly studying network engineering, but I think I also need knowledge of computer programs, business, etc.

I will do my best to become a business person who can contribute for developing the economics of both Japan and my home country. I want to study and get a job that can contribute internationally.
Q. Please give some advice to students who will join TCJ in the future and current students based on your experience.
Since I came to Japan from my home country and entered the TCJ, the school taught me various things. Teachers often taught me how my life in Japan would be like when I just came to Japan, what my future schedule would be like, and how I could improve my Japanese proficiency.

The classes of TCJ were divided according to course and level of Japanese language. I couldn't speak Japanese very well at the beginning, but thanks to TCJ I was able to smoothly prepare for studying Japanese and going on to higher education.
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