Japanese Level at Admission / N5
Q. What are you currently doing? Please write as specific as possible.
I am a tax lawyer and advise companies on inbound and outbound Mergers and Acquisitions. I came to Japan in 2013 on an expat role and then after couple of years moved to a local payroll.
Q. What do you want to achieve in your future after studying Japanese at TCJ? Please write as specific as possible about your dreams and goals.
Until 2020, I had never seriously studied Japanese. The Corona Pandemic gave me some time for self introspection and skill enhancement. My dream is to become fluent in conversational in everyday Japanese. And then gradually move towards business level.
Q. What message would you like to give to students coming into TCJ?
TCJ has one of the most flexible class hours and the evening slot (7-9PM) is especially well suited for working professionals like me. The management is also very understanding to the priorities and needs of each student and most importantly the fact that 'students regular job' comes first. Each student is treated with respect and individual attention is given. To add, the location is extremely convenient (Chuo-Sobu line and just 30 seconds away from the Shinanomachi station gate).
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