Japanese Level at Admission / N5
Q.What kind of career path did you take after graduating from TCJ? Also, please tell us the reason why you chose your career path.
I entered the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Ashikaga Institute of Technology. I was originally interested in machine work and had an experiment where I could study about it, so I entered this department. I am actually studying about mechanical mechanisms, machine work, etc. I have a purpose to actually learn various machine technologies, and I want to do various experiments and see for make things that are friendly to humans and the environment.I would like to continue to firmly advance research in this field.

Q.What are your goals and dreams for the future? Please be as specific as possible.
The goal and dream of the future is to become a good engineer. And I would like to work for a large company around the world that aims for technology that is kind to nature. Currently, my main focus is on mechanical mechanics, but I think it is still necessary to gain knowledge of various things. There are many high level of mechanical technology in Japan, so if I have the opportunity, I would like to work at a large Japanese company and gain experience.

Q.Please give some advice to students who will join TCJ in the future and current students based on your experience.
From the time I entered TCJ, classes were divided into different level as well as each career path, so I was able to study Japanese and prepare for higher education smoothly. When I entered TCJ, I had JLPT N5 level, but I was able to pass N2 by the time I took the entrance exam for my university. I am grateful to my teacher for teaching me with a lot of care. I can confidently say that the result of your efforts at TCJ will surely lead to your future. Please keep up the good work.

& DM