Liu Sensei
Student Support (China)
I'm sure that each of you will come to Japan with your own dreams and goals. You may be excited about the new life you are about to start, but at the same time, you may feel anxious at times. At times like these, please come and talk to our staff. We will do our best to support you so that you can have a fulfilling and meaningful life in Japan and realize your future dreams.
Hong Cong Sensei
Student Support (Vietnam/English)
TCJ's teachers are committed to supporting each student one at a time. Your life is determined by your actions. Please set a clear goals and keep working hard until you achieve. It may be difficult now, but please do what you can for your future. Don't forget that you came to Japan to make your dreams come true.
Kubota Sensei
Student Support (China, Taiwan)
We are bilingual and can speak English and Chinese, etc. Most of the staff have studied in Japan or other countries, so we understand what could be the problem of the students and can We can help you with giving appropriate advice. Please feel free to ask us.
Miwa Sensei
Student Support (Resident of Japan, Online)
In addition to study abroad course, we offer a variety of courses for resident of Japan to meet your needs. Why not study with others who have the same goals and circumstances as you? Our teachers and staff will work together to help you achieve your dreams.
Funatsu Sensei
Lead of student support (Asia, Europe, US etc)
When you take on a new challenge, you have high expectations, but you also have concerns and worries. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to ask us. And please let us know what made you happy. You are not alone. Let's think together and be happy.
Maeda Sensei
Student Support
We understand that you may feel anxious about living in Japan for the first time. If you have any problems, please feel free to ask me at any time. I'll be waiting for you at TCJ!
Hyou Sensei
Student Support (China)
The basic ability of Japanese language is the most important factor in both employment and higher education. We at Tokyo Central Japanese Language will work together with you before you enter the school, and we will continue to work together with you after you enter the school. For those of you who want to learn Japanese language seriously, please enroll in the TCJ.
Zhang Sensei
Student Support (China)
Hello. Our seniors who have experienced study abroad are waiting for you. Good luck!
Kudou Sensei
Student Support (Resident of Japan, Online)
The main attractions of TCJ are its excellent teachers, support system and friendly receptionists. We have both daily courses and evening courses for those who are busy with work. Let's study Japanese at TCJ.
Hattori Sensei
Student Support
If you're having problems, not just academically, but also in life, we'll figure it out together!
Masuda Sensei
Manager of student support
I am usually in charge of recruiting students and supporting them after they arrive in Japan, and I would like to provide a place where you can learn not only the Japanese language itself, but also the customs and culture that you can utilize after you enter into next step. I sincerely hope that you will understand Japan and Japanese people more deeply and become a bridge for better exchange between your country and Japan. I'll be waiting for you in Japan!
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