Teacher / Staff

Inoue Sensei
Head of Teacher
What made you think that you want to learn Japanese? Each of you must have your own dreams and goals. Please cherish the dreams and goals you thought at that time. Our teachers and staff will enthusiastically help you to meet your various needs and help you to get closer to your dreams and goals through Japanese language learning. Experience TCJ's ever-evolving education under the name of World Class Education.
Saito Sensei
Lead of University entrance course
At TCJ, you can enjoy learning Japanese while stimulating each other with students who have different dreams. Not only you learn Japanese language, but you also learn about culture and manners, and other skills that you will need in the future. Let's make your dreams come true with us at TCJ!
Goto Sensei
Lead of Working adults course
TCJ provides many opportunities for speech and communication. By expressing yourself in your own words, you will be able to consolidate your knowledge. We also read and talk to each other about a variety of things, which helps us to understand Japanese deeply and improve our communication skills. Let's work hard together.
Tokuda Sensei
Japanese Language research Institute group leader / Lead of teacher training
TCJ is an organization specializing in providing structured solutions to issues related to the successful retention and career development of foreigners through Japanese language education. TCJ will contribute to solving the problems of an interculturally convivial society.
Iwasaki Sensei
Lead of Teacher training
TCJ is a Japanese language school that wants to make your dream school a reality. We have many students who want to make their dreams come true in Japan. We will work hard to make your dreams come true with us! Our staff is waiting for you!
Masuda Sensei
Lead of Graduate school course
At the TCJ, we teach the students to speak and write as much as they can so that they can use Japanese to make their dreams come true when they graduate. It may be a little difficult at first, but you will enjoy it as your ability increases. Let's work hard together.
Sekimoto Sensei
Teacher training
When you learn a new language, your life will change because you will have more information and people to interact with on a daily basis. The TCJ community is waiting for you.
Abe Sensei
Lead of Vocational School / Technical College Course & Employment course
There are many highly motivated students at TCJ who are studying with various dreams and goals. I am sure that you will be stimulated by the students around you and will be able to lead a fulfilling school life. If you have any problems, we, teachers and staff, will do our best to support you. We look forward to meeting you all!
Fujii Sensei
University entrance course
Many students are learning Japanese under the guidance of enthusiastic teachers. Our goal is to create a warm class and classes that will help students develop their Japanese language skills with the help of the homeroom teachers. Why don't you come and study with us?
Shioda Sensei
Vocational School / Technical College Course & Employment course
There are many Japanese characters such as hiragana, katakana and kanji, so it may be difficult to remember them. But it's okay if you keep going little by little. Let's have fun learning them together! I look forward to meeting you!
Araya Sensei
Working adults course
Whether you want to enter the school of your dreams or start learning simple Japanese, TCJ's teachers can help you achieve your goals! Learning is hard, but together we can have fun! We'll be waiting for you all at TCJ!
Inoue Sensei
Working adults course
If you want to speak Japanese, enter a Japanese university or graduate school, or work in Japan, TCJ can help you find a course that fits your learning style and achieves your goals. Come to TCJ and learn Japanese with us.
Matsui Sensei
Working adults course
Why do you want to study Japanese? There are many reasons, such as higher education, daily life, hobbies, or just a little interest. At TCJ, our teachers will do their best to support you and give you lessons according to your various reasons. Why don't you take the first step? Let's climb the stairs to the goal together!
Hayashi Sensei
Vocational School / Technical College Course & Employment course
TCJ has been developing itself as a highly professionalized Japanese language school. We have not only a long history, but also unique textbooks and teaching approaches developed in house. (not to speak of PASSION!) We definitely support improving your command of Japanese. I'm sure ANYONE can be confident in their Japanese skills (on Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) before the end of the course , even if they are not in the present. TCJ always accompanies you to make your dream come true or be what you want to be in the future. Why don't you join us?
Chou Sensei
Graduate school course
Studying abroad is a great opportunity not only to gain knowledge, but also to develop a range of skills and increase your global awareness. We hope that you will make the most of this valuable opportunity and enrich your life. Teachers will support you in every aspect of your studies, not only in Japanese language, and TCJ is home to international students from many different countries. Let's enjoy your life as a foreign student while engaging in multicultural exchange.
Otsuka Sensei
Vocational School / Technical College Course & Employment course
I think you have an "ideal self" or "goal" in mind. But it takes a lot of perseverance and effort to make it happen on your own, and at TCJ, you will have fun, multicultural classmates and excellent, student-oriented teachers. You are not alone. Let's work together for your self-realization.
Ito Sensei
University entrance course
At TCJ, we not only help students acquire Japanese language skills, but also provide them with support for their career paths so that they can achieve their goals such as entering higher education or finding employment. In addition, since students can study together with students from various countries, they can also enjoy "speaking" Japanese. Studying Japanese is a challenge, but we hope you will enjoy studying together with multinational students who have various goals and with our TCJ instructors to achieve your goals.
Toyama Sensei
University entrance course
At TCJ, you can learn Japanese according to your own goals. By interacting and stimulating each other with the students around you, you will be able to expand your possibilities. We will also do our best to support you in improving your Japanese language skills. Why don't you come and join us?
Li Sensei
Graduate school course
Studying in Japan, I am sure you are filled with anticipation and anxiety. But don't worry. At TCJ, there are many teachers who are very helpful and kind. Learning a language is not an easy task, but having teachers who are willing to work with you to make your dreams come true will encourage you every day. Let's work together to make your dreams come true. I look forward to meeting you.
Okamoto Sensei
University entrance course
Going to a foreign country alone takes a lot of courage. You all have the courage to take that step. It is wonderful! From now on, let's take two or three steps together with your teachers at TCJ and your friends from all over the world. We will walk together toward your dreams and goals until the end. I look forward to meeting you.
Matsumoto Sensei
Vocational School / Technical College Course & Employment course
TCJ has many friends from various backgrounds. There are many friends who know things you don't know. Want to know more about your fellow students! I want to talk because I want to know! I study because I want to talk! Studying makes it fun! See? Studying is fun! It's a waste to just study Japanese! If it's going to be the same studying, it better be fun! Studying Japanese at TCJ will change your life! "Taking my class will change your world! I work hard every day to make these things a reality. I look forward to meeting you in the classroom.
Kobayashi Sensei
University entrance course
How is your Japanese language study going? I know that you may be anxious about learning a new language in an unfamiliar environment, but the joy of being able to communicate what you want to say in Japanese is irreplaceable. I would also like to study with you while listening to various stories from you. I am looking forward to meeting you.
Ogata Sensei
General course
Challenging yourself in a new country, culture, and language is something you can be really proud of. Your plans and goals are in good hands with us. Our mission is to make you reflect in the future: "my time at TCJ had been one of my most unforgettable experiences."
Masubuchi Sensei
Working adults course
It is very difficult to study while working or raising children. However, the ROC course is filled with motivated people who want to go one step further. The classes are small and multinational. While encouraging each other with your new friends, you can enjoy improving your Japanese skills! Your life in Japan will be more fulfilling.

Osako Sensei
Working adults course
At TCJ, people from various backgrounds and with various purposes are learning Japanese in a class full of smiles and energy. Why don't you try expressing your thoughts and feelings in Japanese? Why don't you use Japanese to make your dreams come true? We will do our best to support you while having fun!
Ito Sensei
Working adults course
Close your eyes and try to imagine. Imagine yourself becoming fluent in Japanese. At TCJ, you can learn Japanese, which is said to be a difficult language and the devil's language, in an easy-to-understand and exciting way, as if by magic.
Hamada Sensei
Working adults course
Have you ever asked yourself, "Why?" “Why can't I talk to Japanese people even though I've studied hard?" Let's find the answer to "why" together at TCJ. Even your mother tongue is not perfect. Keep learning Japanese, and you will surely grow more than you are now. We are always waiting for you!

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